Design is a Matter of Life

Thoughts come up every day, every hour of the day. They constantly look for ways to become reality. If you don't, you will find them somewhere else in a matter of weeks, days and even minutes. Nothing is new really and this shouldn't be discouraging. My journey is constantly balanced by the curiosity of a newborn, the experience of a dead man and living the moment.

Design is a powerful process that connects and interfaces with the environment on our way as a society to production. My decision to become a designer was made after a few years of considering options like zoologist, engineer, dancer and more. Being a designer allows me to create connections with all aspects of life. Within my journey I am able to innovate by attention to detail that is tied to the broad context.
From our first breath we constantly absorb information that guides us through life. Our unavoidable death is for me the moment we stop absorbing. For this, my perception of living the moment is of a commitment to care and attention for both the known and the unknown; past and future. Design is a matter of life.