How do you get to 2013 from here?

Well, take a right where they're going to tear down the viaducts.
Go straight past where they're going to put in the hi-rize.
Take a left at what was going to be the new community center.
And keep going until you hit the place where they're thinking of building that cycle-in bank.
You can't miss it.
(Paraphrasing on Laurie Anderson’s Big Science - 1982)
The street grid here shows Kingsway between Victoria Dr. and Rupert St. in Vancouver, BC. The background image shows part of the planting around our sidewalk tree.

In the past year I've been involved in a variety of meetings and discussions relating to urban and other issues. My fascination with urban life gradually brought me to realize how much I enjoy dealing with the massive challenges that urban planning imposes. The coming year is going to be another step in my constant
 exploration, exposure, planning, building and connection with the subject matter I am so engaged in.

Best wishes for a graceful move from one year to another, from day to day, from one thought to the next. Some steps are bigger than others. All are important.