The age of Surface

Following the purchase of a new tablet that enables the use of and writing with a stylus, I woke up at four in the morning and decided to play with it a bit. The screenshot below provides a preliminary summary of the experience. 

Now, when I tried to switch to the keyboard, I realized that I can  attach the physical one to the device. This is a translation from my piece in Hebrew. I still can't type in Hebrew conveniently on the attached keyboard. So here is another stupidity that I'd be happy to share with someone else: Anat is still asleep and has already expressed her appreciation in the occasions when I've waited till the morning to talk with her; Sharon is in a different place, a different situation and if there is anything relevant to share with her, whatever it was that I had interest in sharing - is something else.

My initial understanding, the one that takes me back to my early life insight, is that the person most relevant to share my three O'clock in the morning swirling outbursts of musings, is me. Later it trickles its way to my communications with others. Occasionally it happens on the same day and the rest of it reaches other people some other time. Even the thought that this new device is responsible for my current joy is gently pushed aside by another one. It reminds me that in the past there have been enough occasions where I have encouraged myself to action this way or the other.

In short, I am very satisfied by the purchase of this new device, I am very satisfied with completing the mosaic I am making with Bruce, I continue to look at my employment at Paul Sangha's in a positive anticipation of our next move. And this is just the start.

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